Federal Indictment Attorney West Palm Beach – Jeff Ivashuk

The law firm of Jeff Ivashuck in West Palm Beach handles all forms of criminal defense, especially serious felony cases at the Federal level. The laws and procedures in a Federal Court case are very different from those in a State court case. Often a case will involve both State and Federal charges, and this will make it even more difficult to build a solid defense. This is when you need a skilled and aggressive lawyer who’s experienced in both Federal and State courts, and understands the procedures and protocol that need to be followed. Jeff Ivashuk can handle all stages of a Federal criminal defense for you, everything from pre-indictment investigation, arrest, arraignment, and grand jury proceedings to negotiating your plea and/or your trial and potential appeal.

Common violations of Federal laws include white-collar crimes, drug trafficking, bankruptcy, and all types of fraud. Cases like this are usually investigated by Federal agencies like the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) and the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation). One of the many differences between State and Federal cases is that a Federal case moves much faster, and any kind of defense is given less discovery time to create a solid case. Federal felony cases are also far more complex than State cases, and they carry severe sentences that include fines, penalties, and at least a year in prison, if not more. This is why you need a Federal defense lawyer who not only knows every statue and regulation that pertains to your Federal charge, but one who will take the time to make sure he knows and understands every detail of your case. Jeff Ivashuk has built a reputation on aggressively defending his client’s rights and ensuring that they are granted respect and the due process they’re entitled to. He’s fiercely committed to his clients, and dedicated to achieving the very best possible outcome for them that he can!

If you or someone you love is facing a Federal charge in West Palm Beach, you need to find the best representation you can as quickly as possible, and working with a lawyer from your community who understands the inner workings of the Florida Federal court system is a huge advantage. If you find out you’re under investigation or – worse yet – if you’re suddenly arrested – it’s an overwhelmingly stressful ordeal. The pain and anxiety of an experience like this will affect your family, your home, your job or business, your finances – your very reputation. A conviction will result in devastating and long-lasting effects. Jeff Ivashuk understands this and will do everything in his power not just to defend you, but to help you deal with the difficult emotions that accompany a Federal investigation and trial. He will aggressively advocate for you, and be your spokesperson, counselor, and mediator every step of the way! If you call him promptly, Jeff Ivashuk will go to work for you the same day, hopefully before charges are even filed, which means that he can sometimes get them reduced – or even dropped entirely. You can call Jeff Ivashuk for a complimentary and completely confidential review of your charges or what you think you may be facing. He can advise you on what your possible options are, and what he can do for you! If you’re in any kind of Federal trouble, you need an aggressive and skilled lawyer who is knowledgeable and committed to mounting a solid and successful defense for you, and that lawyer is Jeff Ivashuk!